Arlington, VA



About me:

Seeker of truth and knowledge.  Introvert.  Cat mommy.  Library and information science student.  Psychology major. Artist.  Night owl.  Food connoisseur.  Seeker of truth (John 8:32).  Not a leader, but certainly not a follower.  I inherently march to the beat of my own drum, whether I (or anyone else in this world) likes it or not.  Romans 12:2. Nearing 30 and still trying to break free from the crushing grip of quarter life crisis. Politically moderate.

Movies genres:  Sci-fi, drama, horror, and comedy

Music styles: ambient, electronica, alternative, 80’s, R&B/Hip hop

TV shows: Fringe,  Southpark, The Office,  House,  SVU,  Stargate, The Universe

Books:  The Shack, Bible, Gone with the Wind, Girl With The Dragon Tattoo series, Odd Thomas series, Introvert Advantage,  The Big Book of Hell, to name a few

Likes:  art, music, sushi, the beach, spending quality time with friends and family, traveling, reading, M&Ms, afternoon naps, cats, people-watching, crosswords and logic puzzles,  kickboxing, pizza with lots of veggies,  hiking on a nice day, theoretical physics

Dislikes:  insecure people who bully others to make themselves feel better,  traffic,  lateness, ingratitude, loud and smoky bars, reality TV,  Rush Limbaugh


One Comment on “ABOUT”

  1. Mike Ballou (from Josef's IN group) says:

    Very nice website. I need to develop one or have one created for me. I won’t be at the group after next weekend, July 4 (if then), as I have decided to go back to Denver. Big GAMBLE, but Denver is really my home, having lived there 5 different times, and a total of about 20 years. Enjoyed meeting you, and the others in the group.

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